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Hi, I’m Maciek Hrybowicz. Originally from Poland, my musical adventures have taken me from London’s vibrant music scenes to the tranquil shores of New Zealand. My journey has been a blend of deep jazz roots and modern blues, inspired by the diverse landscapes and cultures I’ve embraced. Dive into my world through my album AWA and feel the stories behind each song. Keep an ear out for the upcoming vinyl album release, “Yes More Blues” by the band JT+Agnostics. Join me in celebrating a life rich in music, where every chord strikes deeper into the heart of our shared human experience… read more →


Discover my album AWA, inspired by the significant rivers of my life: the Vistula, Thames, and Waikato. Blending elements of jazz, blues, and Māori culture, this music is a reflection of my journey through the diverse and stunning landscapes of New Zealand. Join me in this musical exploration of nature and culture… read more →

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