Maciek Hrybowicz CV

Maciek Hrybowicz was born in Kraków, Poland, during the communist era and discovered his passion for music early on. As a teenager, he quickly became an integral part of the Polish pop and jazz scene, touring with well-known bands and performing alongside the famed Jacek Lech.

In pursuit of broader musical opportunities, Maciek emigrated to London in 1975. There, he immersed himself in the city’s eclectic music scene, mingling with musicians from various genres. This vibrant environment significantly shaped his guitar style. He became involved with several influential bands of the punk and new wave era, such as the Warm Jets and Eastern Alliance.

A chance meeting with producer and composer Mike Connaris from MCASSO Music Productions significantly advanced Maciek Hrybowicz’s career. Initially hired as a session guitarist for TV and radio commercials, he was soon given opportunities to compose, marking a significant evolution in his professional journey within the music industry.

Starting in the mid-1980s, Maciek began working closely with jazz singer Carol Grimes. Their fruitful collaboration led to several albums, including Eyes Wide Open, Daydreams and Danger, and Why Don’t They Dance. Through these projects, Maciek showcased his broad musical skills and production savvy. Alongside their recording work, he and Carol also performed extensively, touring across the UK and Europe and building a solid reputation for their engaging live shows.

Maciek was also a member of the John Bennett Band, an 18-piece modern jazz ensemble that recorded the album Square One in 1993. The band enjoyed successful performances in prestigious venues like Ronnie Scott’s, Jazz Café, and Pizza On The Park.

In the early 2000s, Maciek co-founded the quartet Gdansky Bandsky, continuing to explore jazz and performing at various London venues. He also participated in choral events with the CME, performing at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

Seeking new inspirations, Maciek moved to New Zealand in 2014, where he now resides with his wife. He quickly became a fixture in the local music scene, performing throughout Hamilton and across Aotearoa. His virtuosity on the guitar was notably recognised in a 2015 review by the Waikato Times, which praised his “musically informed lesson in guitar.” Beyond performing, Maciek continues to compose, produce, and record his own music and collaborates with other artists, including producing three albums for Kiwi gospel artist Nicky Moran. He also dedicates time to teaching, offering guitar lessons and masterclasses.

In 2018, inspired by the stunning landscapes of his adopted home, Maciek began working on his debut solo album, AWA, which features an international ensemble of musicians and was released in December 2019.

Currently, Maciek is actively engaged in a range of exciting music projects. He is in the process of producing his second solo album, which continues to explore new musical landscapes. Alongside this, he is collaborating on an album with JT+Agnostics, blending unique styles and influences into their upcoming release.

Maciek Hrybowicz’s life and career are a testament to the universal language of music and his enduring passion for exploring and sharing it with the world.