Maciek Hrybowicz CV

Maciek Hrybowicz was born in Kraków, Poland, during the communist era and discovered his passion for music early on. As a teenager, he quickly became an integral part of the Polish pop and jazz scene, touring with well-known bands and performing alongside the famed Jacek Lech. In pursuit of broader musical opportunities, Maciek emigrated to … Read more


Here are some of the recording projects I was involved in over the years. I use shortcuts to indicate my involvement, this notation will guide you through my varied roles in each project.:musician – mcomposer – cproducer – p

About me

Hello there! I’m Maciek, originally from Poland and a former Londoner, but now I’ve made my home in beautiful New Zealand with my lovely wife. My life’s been quite a journey, and music has always been my faithful companion along the way. I spend my days composing music that feels true to my heart, producing … Read more